John Law ARPS : Projects 2006-12: Choose a theme then click on an image for an interactive panorama

Bath under snow from Alexandra Park - Boxing Day 2010.
This is a selection of panoramas grouped into themes: projects, structures, buildings, cities, art and science, landscapes and gigapanos.
Cameras and lenses by Nikon, pano heads by 360 Precision. Earlier work is in QTVR format. The most recent work is available only in Flash format.

What use is the immersive full-screen panorama?
Its almost like being there but without the biting insects or the jet-lag! You stand at the viewpoint of the photographer and explore the scene at will. The process involves stitching together numerous images to form a double-square format larger image, usually 8000 x 4000 pixels, sometimes larger, a process which also lends itself to the production of high quality prints. 'In house' we can readily produce prints up to 600 x 1200 mm.

What are we selling?
Expertise for commissions, for single or linked multiple panos - virtual immersive tours and prints of buildings or places.

Contact : skype : john-sk-law
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Useful Links:

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