John Law : Pano Projects 2006-08: Please choose a format for your device:

micro main This is a selection of recent panoramas grouped into five themes: bridges, buildings, cities, exhibitions and landscapes.

The earlier panos use a normal single shot per camera position, while most of the more recent ones are multi-exposure HDR.
Software includes Photomatix, PTGui, Photoshop and Cubic Converter. Cameras and lenses by Nikon, pano heads by 360 Precision.

What use is the immersive full-screen panorama?
Its almost like being there but without the biting insects or the jet-lag! You stand at the viewpoint of the photographer and explore the full sphere of the scene at will. The process involves stitching together numerous images to form a double-square format larger image, usually 8000 x 4000 pixels, sometimes larger, a process which also lends itself to the production of high quality prints.
'In house' we can readily produce prints up to 600 x 1200 mm.

What are we selling?
Expertise for commissions, for single or linked multiple panos - virtual immersive tours and prints of buildings or places.

Contact :   skype : john-sk-law
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